Quick Guide for Mandate Administrators

Your Velta online banking is now active and ready for you to set up the digital mandate for users to be able to view and operate your bank account(s). As a Mandate Admin you determine (and are responsible for ensuring) how your account is operated through Velta online banking by applying user permissions, setting the account authorisation functions and adding and removing users.


Step 1 – Client Mandate Controls

Step 2 – Adding Additional Users

Step 3 – Amending User Permissions

Step 1 – Client Mandate Controls

To manage the client mandate parameters and control admin authority and payment authorisation levels, follow the steps below:

1.     Navigate to Admin > Mandates > Client Mandates.

2.    Select the client from the dropdown list for whom you want to set or amend the mandate parameters.

Dual Admin Authorisation Functions

The admin authority controls how mandate changes are managed, including the requirement for authorisation by a second administrator. We recommend your Velta online banking mandate is set to “dual admin authority” during the initial setup.  You are however able to set up your mandate as “single admin authority” if this better suits your needs.

NOTE: If you have the “dual mandate admin” setup, any changes made here will go to the authorisation screen, where a second mandate admin will need to approve the change.

Payment Authorisation

You can specify the payment and authorisation levels for payments by using “A”, “B”, and “C” levels, or any combination of these. These levels can be allocated to individual users as needed. By default, the system is set so that any payment with a value above GBP 0.00 requires authorisation from one individual with “A” authorisation permissions (i.e., 1A). You have the flexibility to modify these levels to suit your requirements.

The following image illustrates the setup, where the first level indicates that payments betweenGBP 0.00 and 10,000.00 require authorisation from at least one individual with C authorisation permissions (1A or 1B can also approve).

NOTE: You can assign authorisation levels (“A”, “B”, or “C”) to individual users on the User Permission screen. Refer to Step 3 for reference.

Step 2 – Adding Additional Users:

To add additional users to the client mandate, follow the steps below:

1.    Navigate to Admin >Mandates > User Management tab

2.    Click on “Add New User” and enter the new user’s email address, ensuring its accuracy before proceeding.

3.    Complete the Personal Details and User Permission sections for the new user.

4.    Click “Save Changes” and enter the 2FA code displayed on your mobile authentication app.

NOTE: If your mandate is set to Dual Authorisation, the status will show as “Awaiting admin authorisation”. A second admin will need to log in to authorise the change made to the mandate. Once authorised, the new user may proceed with the registration process.

New User Registration Process

Once the new user has been added, they will need to complete the registration process. Here are the steps involved:

1.    The new user will receive an email containing a link to the VELTA bank platform.

2.    Additionally, they will receive a text message with a 6-digit verification code that they will need to enter during registration.

3.    To enhance account security, the new user will be required to download an authenticator app on their mobile device to set up 2-factor authentication.

4.    Follow the instructions in the email and complete the registration process on the VELTA bank platform.

Existing User Registration Process

For existing VELTA users who have been granted access to supplementary client accounts, the login process for the VELTA bank platform will remain unchanged. Once the Mandate Administrator has granted access to additional client accounts, the existing users will be able to access those accounts without any further steps.

NOTE: You may see the status "Pending CIB review" during this process. This is a standard review process where additional internal steps are required. No action is required by the user at this stage. Once the review is complete, the status will update to "View Permissions," and the Mandate Admin(s) will receive an email notification confirming the successful addition of the new user.

Step 3 – Amending User Permissions:

To amend user permissions for the client mandate, follow the steps below:      

1.    Navigate to Admin > Mandates > User Management tab.

2.    On this page, you will see a list of individuals, including yourself, who have been granted Mandate Admin permissions during onboarding.

3.    Click on "View Permissions" next to the user's name to set or amend their permissions.

NOTE: Users will not be able to view or operate the account(s) until a Mandate Administrator has set their permissions. It is important to review and configure the appropriate permissions for each user to ensure they have the necessary access and authority within the mandate.

If you have any queries or need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via Secure Message.

Thank you for your interest in setting up Terms of Business with the Capital International Group (CIG).  We want to ensure that this process runs smoothly and efficiently and have included an infographic below which details the various steps involved:  
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This Quick Guide for Mandate Administrators explains how to apply user permissions, set the account authorisation functions and add and remove users.