Helpful contacts

Isle of Man Contacts

Business Development:


  • Product and Pricing Information
  • Application and system training
  • Marketing information
  • Application forms to complete

Dealing Team: 


  • Submit dealing instructions
  • Fund queries

Asset Servicing:


  • Dividends
  • Asset Set ups
  • Corporate actions
  • Pricing Queries

New Business: 


  • Submitting an application form
  • Application or documentation queries

Client Services: 


  • All client account queries and updates post onboarding i.e. change of advisor
  • Commission and advisory fee queries
  • General enquiries including payments, commissions, online access and closures
  • Updates to your account, such as address, contact information, additional account holder



  • Withdrawal requests and queries
  • Additional Investment Form submissions
  • New monies queries

Stock Transfers:


Online Access: 

Thank you for your interest in setting up Terms of Business with the Capital International Group (CIG).  We want to ensure that this process runs smoothly and efficiently and have included an infographic below which details the various steps involved:  
Click on the links below to take you to the relevant section of the guide: