Investment Platform

You tell us what to trade, we act for you

A world of investment opportunity at your fingertips with our open architecture trading platform.

Your command centre for client assets

Whether it’s shares, bonds or exchange traded funds, our investment platform provides a gateway to an almost unlimited world of opportunities. You make the decisions, we do the work for you.

A single account to
manage all your clients

Find what you need with ease; it’s all in one place. Check valuations, view performance and see exactly what your client sees. One account and one log in — it’s trading made simple.

  • Informative data interface

  • In specie transfer of assets

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Open architecture platform

Looking to diversify? Our offshore investment platform isn’t limited to just one jurisdiction but provides a gateway to a broad range of global investment opportunities.

  • Determine your exposure to local markets

  • Select from a range of currencies

  • Trade on all major stock exchanges

Connect our investment platform to third party products

Got products elsewhere? Keep everything under one roof and streamline your investment admin by linking third party products to our flexible trading platform.


  • International pensions

  • Third party fund managers


Custody protection -
we’ve got you covered

Whether it’s pensions, life savings or inherited wealth, by ring-fencing your assets and giving you 100% ownership, we’re able to provide investors with that all-important peace of mind.

  • 100% ownership at all times

  • Assets ring-fenced in a nominee account

  • Held in a highly regulated jurisdiction

Custody protection with the Investment Platform

Your complete toolkit for managing client assets

Linked deals

Buy and sell in one go, reduce admin time and speed up trades.

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Efficient onboarding

Send documents electronically to speed up the account opening process.

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Asset services department

Avoid unnecessary costs with in specie asset transfers.

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Transactional data

Access your contract notes for an in-depth report of each trade.

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Daily asset pricing

Log-in to view an up-to-date snapshot of your position.

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Current and historical data

View performance data from today or any point in your investment’s life span.

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A range of export options

Download our data in a range of file formats including CSV and Excel.

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Market orders

Execute trades immediately to ensure the best available price.

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GDPR & POPI compliant

We meet regulations to ensure your data privacy is protected.

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Portfolio valuations

Stay up to date with online access to performance data.

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Flexible tax reporting

Get reports when you need them to ensure you meet your tax deadlines.

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Limit orders

Trade at your desired price without monitoring the markets.


Exposure without ownership

Gain exposure to the performance of a diverse range of investment objectives and strategies all without direct ownership.

  • Execute principal contracts

  • Potentially tax efficient

  • Access a wide range of financial instruments

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