Corporate banking for a new era

Introducing Capital International Bank: a digital bank designed for corporates.
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The Isle of Man’s first new bank in over 30 years

With pragmatic decision-making, fast onboarding and transparent fee structures, we’ve built a better, faster bank for corporate clients.

Bringing banking back to business

Since the financial crisis, the face of banking has changed significantly, with a flurry of new digital entrants arriving. In 2016, the Isle of Man Government introduced the Alternative Banking Regime, making it possible for businesses to apply for a banking licence. This presented us with the opportunity to bring a digital solution to the international corporate sector.

Common sense decision-making
here in the Isle of Man

We know how frustrating it can be to spend weeks on an account application which ultimately might result in rejection, particularly if the bank has failed to understand your business model or your jurisdiction’s value. We have operated internationally from the Isle of Man for over 25 years and have a deep understanding of the key sectors in the offshore space. We offer quick and pragmatic decision-making, so you can use your time to build your business and your wealth.
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Digital banking

Available in 19 currencies, Capital International Bank offers  current and notice accounts, FX and payments with lending to follow in 2022.

Awarded a provisional class 1 (2)
banking licence

In August 2019, Capital International Bank was awarded a provisional class 1 (2) banking licence, the first of its kind to be issued on the Isle of Man under the Alternative Banking Regime.
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Now open

As the Isle of Man’s first ever digital-only proposition, Capital International Bank is breathing new life into corporate banking following a decade-long drought. A small selection of clients from Capital Treasury Services Limited were offered accounts during the first half of 2021, before other existing clients as well as new clients are onboarded gradually during the second half of 2021.


A new bank from a team
you can trust

Building a new bank from scratch isn’t easy. We’ve brought together a team of specialists in finance and technology to craft a new bank that’s fast, secure and precise.

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