Corporate banking
for a new era

With pragmatic decision-making, fast onboarding and transparent fee structures, we’ve built a better, faster bank for corporate clients.

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Bringing banking back to business

Capital International Bank is an entirely digital solution that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of local and international corporates.

Built for speed

It’s not uncommon for it to take weeks or even months to open a corporate bank account. We prioritise quick and efficient onboarding to get your account up and running as quickly as possible.

200 second pre-application

Find out whether we can offer you an account and how much it will cost without having to complete our full application.

1 hour application

Apply for an account in about an hour with electronic document submission and an easy to use interface.

Account opening in days

Once the application is complete, we aim to get standard risk accounts open in 3 days and higher risk accounts in 7-10 days.


Multiple services, one platform

We've developed a new client experience for corporate banking via our bespoke platform, VELTA, built with the latest leading edge technology and cyber security defences.

Available in 20 currencies

Accounts available in 20 currencies including GBP, EUR, USD, HKD and many others.

Live FX trading

Get an instant rate with 60 seconds to confirm the trade. For transactions greater than £500,000 (or currency equivalent) deal directly via our Treasury team.

Sort code, IBAN, SWIFT and BIC

We facilitate straight-through processing. Fund your account and make payments all in your company name.


What makes us different?

Capital International Bank is a unique, entirely digital proposition, built with the features corporates need to better manage money.


Find out within just 200 seconds whether you are eligible for an account with us and how much it will cost.

Mandates and authorisations

Mandates and authorisations can be set up and changed by the account holder with the click of a button online in VELTA.


We built our own user interface, VELTA, so that we can make the client experience better.


Committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2025, two trees are planted for every account opened across all of our Group businesses.


Capital International Bank is independently owned, with decisions made by our experienced team based in the Isle of Man.

Digital onboarding

There’s no need to post important documents across the globe. Our onboarding process is 100% digital and we are a zero-paper bank.


Built by a team you can trust

Having operated internationally from the Isle of Man for over 25 years, we have a deep understanding of the key sectors in the offshore space. We offer quick and pragmatic decision-making, so you can use your time to build your business and your wealth.

Group clients
$5+ Billion
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Everything you need from £40 a month.

Price applies to standard risk accounts. Pricing will vary for non-standard risk accounts based on their complexity and risk.


Less admin, more action

Minimise your workload with a powerful set of tools that give you control over your accounts.

Multiple account types to suit your needs.

200 second eligibility check.

100% digital onboarding - no paper.

3 day account opening for standard risk accounts.

7-10 day account opening for e-gaming/high risk accounts

Transparent pricing - no hidden fees

A modern, cloud based banking platform.

Online, self-service mandates and authorisations to control permissions.

Payments and FX in 20 currencies.

Advanced reporting tools for in-depth analysis.