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Accounts within our core offering are held on the balance sheet of Capital International Bank. Use these accounts to meet the day-to-day cash management needs of your business.

Capital Call Account

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All clients of Capital International Bank have access to a Capital Call Account. This account can be used for the day to day operation of your business including payments and FX transactions.
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Available in multiple currencies

Payments and FX are available in multiple currencies, including all G10.

Built for business

The Capital Call Account has been specifically desined to meet the needs of a range of corporate structures and industries.

Capital Treasury Account

Clients transacting in values higher than £250,000 will have access to the Capital Treasury Account for day-to-day cash management. The residual balance in this account is swept off our balance sheet at the end of every day to the Excess Fiduciary Account.
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Available in multiple currencies

Payments and FX are available in several currencies including GBP, EUR, USD and HKD.

Transact large values

The Capital Treasury Account has been designed for businesses that regularly transact in larger values.

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Capital Term Deposit

Make the most of the Capital Term Deposit Account to earn competitive rates of interest on cash you do not need instant access to.
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Fixed term deposit

Deposit between £250,000 and £1M or currency equivalent with rates of interest increasing depending on deposit size.

Multiple currencies

The Capital Term Deposit is available in three currencies: GBP, USD and EUR.

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Accounts within our fiduciary offering diversify your monies across an additional highly rated international bank, reducing your risk exposure to just one bank.

Excess Fiduciary Account

Clients seeking to hold balances in excess of £250,000 will qualify for our primary fiduciary account: the Excess Fiduciary Account.
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Diversify your monies

By opening an EFA account, you gain access to another highly rated bank through your relationship with Capital International Bank.

Earn interest on liquid funds

The EFA currently pays competitive rates of interest on GBP, EUR and USD cash balances, meaning you can earn a return on your cash without locking up liquidity.

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*For eGaming clients, the Excess Fiduciary Account  is only available in GBP and EUR.

Bespoke Fiduciary Account

The Bespoke Fiduciary Account is a fixed term deposit account which allows clients with £1m, $1m or €1m to access highly competitive rates of interest.
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Access multiple banks

Provides access to multiple banks allowing you to leverage our fiduciary offering and diversify your deposits across our counterparty banks.

Cut your administration

The BFA eliminates the need to manage multiple accounts with different banks and removes the administrative burden at every placement or rollover.

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