Capital Treasury Account



Restricted depositors as defined by the Class 1(2) FSA licence and Capital International Bank's risk appetite.

Minimum balance


Maximum balance

Up to 14:00 - no maximum intra-day balance prior to 14:00. Balance must be cleared down to zero by 14:00. Any monies not paid away before the 14:00 cut off will be moved to the Excess Fiduciary Account (EFA) by Capital Intentional Bank or returned


Linked accounts

Upon opening a CTA, an associated EFA is also provided. Any funds not instructed to move out of the CTA before the 14:00 cut-off will be transferred to the EFA

Overdraft facility

No overdraft facility currently

Inward and outward payment capability


Foreign exchange availability

Yes - across 2 CTAs held in different currencies



Balance sheet exposure

Capital International Bank

Outward payment cut off times

14:00 (with authorisation by 14:30) 

Inward payments cut off times

14:00 – inward payments received after this time will be applied to your CTA the following working day.

Internal transfer cut off times

CCA or EFA to CTA - 13:00 (with authorisation by 13:30)
CTA to CCA or EFA - 14:00 (with authorisation by 14:30)

Interest accrual application

Daily accrual, monthly application

Interest Payment

Applied to account only

Interest rate change notice period

7 calendar days

Interest rates

FX trading cut-off

CTA FX desk opening hours are 08:30 to 13:30 GMT Monday to Friday, excluding UK bank holidays

Covered by Depositors Compensation Scheme?