Our Sustainability Manifesto

 Conscious Capital

Our mission is to create positive value for all our stakeholders, and in so doing, reduce the impact of our business activities on the environment and have a positive impact on our society. 

Understanding the bigger picture

Our annual sustainability report details all of our Conscious Capital initiatives. Please click on the button below to download our most recent report.


The bigger picture

We all must play our role in protecting our planet and its people. At Capital, we consistently do our upmost to reduce or offset the impact of our business activities on both the environment and society, whilst leveraging our position to make lasting and positive contributions to the planet.

Journey to net-zero

Growing business, shrinking footprint

Becoming carbon neutral is our long-term goal. In working towards this objective, we have reduced our carbon emissions by 55% as a percentage of revenue.


We have committed to planting two trees for every account we open across the Isle of Man and Africa.

Electric vehicles

We offer an electric vehicle (EV) scheme for employees in the Isle of Man and have installed EV charging points at our offices.

Office improvements

We have improved the efficiency of our offices by installing LED lights and centrally controlled heating and air conditioning.

Green Tariff

We have joined a Green Tariff scheme to provide electricity from local renewable sources and the UK interconnector.

Active travel

We encourage our employees to change the way they travel to work by offering a cycle-to-work scheme.

Offsetting projects

In 2022, the Group purchased carbon offsets as part of a low-carbon housing development project in South Africa.

Our sustainability partners

Charity Initiatives

Capital in the community

It’s important that we play our part in building a better world for current and future generations. We encourage our people to give back to their local communities through our employee volunteering scheme.
The Huruma Project

Supporting an orphanage in Tanzania

In 2023, we raised over £22,000 to purchase the freehold for the existing land and buildings of the Huruma Orphanage in Arusha Tanzania which supports and schools children between the ages of 3 and 17. This fundraising culminated in the Group funding 12 employees to visit the orphanage to carry out maintenance work.

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Our people and culture

We foster a culture of integrity, openness, sustainability, respect and continuous improvement across all our people. We also ensure our people operate in a safe, engaging, and healthy, working environment where they can realise their full potential.

Our investment approach

Creating more from less

Our Sustainable Alpha investment philosophy is driven by the belief that profitability and sustainability are not mutually exclusive ideas. Our view is that the companies best positioned to deliver strong long-term performance are those committed to operating in a sustainable way. As signatories to the UN PRI, we ensure that our investment management activities remain in line with our sustainability ethos by demonstrating our adherence to their six principles of responsible investment.


Business ethics and corporate governance

We operate a robust risk and compliance framework that is underpinned by strong governance and is supported by policies, procedures and systems to ensure that at all times we apply personal and professional integrity in our work. We measure the effectiveness of our sustainability initiatives against the World Economic Forum's (WEF) 55 metrics. This helps us to understand our position and to ensure that the Group’s sustainability purpose is fully embedded into our strategic initiatives, policies and goals.

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Hover over the locations pinpointed on the map to discover the industries and companies we invest in and their roll in supporting economies all over the world.