For a corporate applicant, we are required to identify the full ownership structure, up to the ultimate beneficial owner(s), who must be individuals.

Please provide a full structure chart detailing all associated entities and key individuals at the outset.

We require full KYC / CDD for any individuals or entities within the structure that hold 25% or more of the issued shares of an entity in the level below. Please see the relevant KYC / CDD section for these requirements.

For a corporate entity, please provide:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Register of Members / Shareholders
  • Register of Directors
  • Authorised company signatory list with specimen signatures (only required for the applicant company or signing authority on the account)
  • Board minutes confirming the opening of a dealing account with CIG*
  • Applicable KYC/CDD for any entity or individual holding 25% or more of the issued shares
  • Individual KYC for at least 2 Directors*
  • Individual KYC for at least 2 Authorised Signatories**

*Only required where the application forms have not been signed by the Company Directors

**If the account is reviewed as high-risk, please note that we will require individual KYC on all Directors and Authorised Signatories.

Please note: For non-English documents, we will require a certified copy of the original document in its native language. This will need to be submitted along with an English translated copy, translating the pertinent points of the document. We also require the translators full contact details to be provided.

Thank you for your interest in setting up Terms of Business with the Capital International Group (CIG).  We want to ensure that this process runs smoothly and efficiently and have included an infographic below which details the various steps involved:  
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