Fiduciary Deposit Account

Diversify your money across
different institutions

How does the account work?

We diversify your funds across an additional international bank, reducing your risk exposure from just one bank. We work with highly rated institutions which meet our counter-party requirements. The below video explains our Fiduciary Deposit solution. If you have further questions after watching the video, you can find FAQs here.

Built to protect your assets

Your primary account at Capital International Bank is the Capital Call Account (CCA) which enables you to take advantage of our digital FX and transactions capabilities. Alongside the Capital Call Account, we also offer other accounts which facilitate larger cash deposits.

These accounts enable you to hold your cash with an additional, highly rated third party bank which meets Capital International Bank’s counter-party requirements. This type of account is called a fiduciary deposit account.

Where we offer you a fiduciary deposit account, your credit risk is transferred from Capital International Bank to a third party bank. This is because the value held in a fiduciary deposit account is not held on the balance sheet of Capital International Bank but on the balance sheet of the third party bank.

Any client who is seeking to hold balances across their accounts in excess of £250,000 will qualify for our primary fiduciary deposit account: the Excess Fiduciary Account (EFA). The benefits of the Excess Fiduciary Account are:

  1. You can hold funds with unlimited value
  2. You gain access to another bank through your relationship with Capital International Bank
  3. You are able to diversify your money across an additional international bank
  4. Using Capital International Bank’s digital platform, you can view and access all your different accounts and their balances and easily transfer monies between these accounts

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