Our specialist Treasury team has the capability and expertise to help you navigate your money across global markets and jurisdictions to take advantage of opportunities wherever they may be.

We transact foreign exchange deals on behalf of clients around the world, including financial institutions, large corporate entities and UK listed companies. Our clients use us because we provide them with more competitive pricing structures than they receive from their existing banking relationships and other service providers.

We are totally transparent in our pricing: when we quote an exchange rate, there are no additional charges or fees.

How our Foreign Exchange service can help you:

  • Choose from a full suite of innovative solutions, from simple to complex
  • Receive competitive FX rates with no additional charges or fees incurred
  • Make payments in all major currencies and many exotic currencies, managing them globally on our electronic platform
  • Manage currency risk exposure, resulting in the ability to make informed structured hedging decisions using advice from our specialist team
  • Increase control for larger exposures with the use of options and / or swaps
  • Improve forecasting with the use of forwards
  • Contact our dealers directly to receive a no-obligation exchange rate quote or information on the currency markets
  • Eliminate bank receiving charges – this can be up to 3% for some payment service providers

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