Our Treasury team manages our Capital Liquidity Account, a hybrid cash management service delivering diversification, protection and liquidity with the yield and consistency of an above Base Rate cash investment.

Available in three standard currencies, it tracks the UK Base Rate, the US Federal Reserve Rate and the European Central Bank Rate, ensuring that your money and your client’s money is always earning a market leading rate.

The Capital Liquidity Account is also available to both Platform and Investment Solution clients, who can transfer monies directly into a personal and segregated Capital Liquidity Account within a ring-fenced custody account.

Current Base Rates: 0.25% -0.50% 0.25%
10m+ 0.00% -0.65% 0.00%
2m+ 0.00% -0.80% 0.00%
1m+ 0.00% -0.80% 0.00%
500k+ 0.00% -0.95% 0.00%
250k+ 0.00% -0.95% 0.00%
200k+ 0.00% -0.95% 0.00%
100k+ 0.00% -0.95% 0.00%
50k+ 0.00% -0.95% 0.00%

The above rates are based on our CLA ‘Call’ account option, which is offered on a T+2 liquidity basis. Rates for fixed term investments are available on request. Rates provided are accurate at the time of publishing. We reserve the right to amend these rates at any time, whether up or down, in line with our investment strategy.

Our cash managers broadly target the UK, US and EU base rates for the top interest rate tiers across the three major currencies. In the event of any base rate increases it may take some time for our underlying assets to adjust to a level that allows us to pass on any increase to investors. We reserve the right to vary the basis on which interest rates are set at our discretion.

The Capital Liquidity Account is suitable for:

  • Investors whose main priority is capital protection
  • Investors requiring regular income over the short to medium term
  • Investors who would not individually be able to achieve the same level of deposit diversification

How the Capital Liquidity Account can help you:

  • By placing client monies across multiple banks and building societies we can provide the comfort of a fully diversified portfolio.
  • Potential for improved interest rates, thanks to our buying power and experience.
  • The ability to access a range of banks via one overall account can substantially lower administration costs.


Capital Liquidity Account Brochure

Download and view our Cash Management Capital Liquidity Account Brochure. 


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