Who inspires you?

To mark International Women’s Day 2021, we asked the wonderful women of Capital to tell us about the females who inspire them to achieve extraordinary things every day.

Natalie Parker - Client Engagement Analyst

Positive thinking is everything.

My mum is someone who inspires me. From a young age I was taught understanding, compassion, to stand up for what I believe in and to treat people how I would like to be treated.

My Mum has experienced such loss in her life including losing her daughter, yet with this great loss, she has taught others (myself included) to be kind always, appreciate every moment and that no one knows what someone is going through in their personal lives.

She believes in self-love, wellbeing and that a “stomp” is good for the soul. I asked her once why she does this everyday and she said “walking is good for the happy hormones; my daughter can’t so I do those miles for her”.

She has made friends with other bereaved women and families and I know she has given them a friendship that only someone who has unfortunately gone through the same things can. She has inspired me to be the best version of myself and to find the good in every day even when I have to search a little harder.

Candice Coetzee – Senior Project Manager

Power to the women!

Wonder woman inspires me - ethics, integrity, kindness and leadership. While she is a fictional character, she has become a reality for many women, as an inspiring and indomitable human.

She embodies a realistic (minus the superpowers), strong and healthy place of being that I think lots of women aspire to, not just within themselves but for their families too.

Wendy Oliver - Relationship Manager

I am inspired by women who are honest, true to themselves and don’t fear the views of others.  

My sister follows her traveller heart and has created a life full of wonder and experience. Settling in Hong Kong to fly off to so many places, as well as devoting herself to teaching children and volunteering in poor countries.  

My mum devoted her life to children, her own, and fostering/caring for many others.  She has been living with breast cancer since September 2019, but does so with a positive, determined attitude and won’t be beaten.  

My nana has just celebrated her 100th birthday.  Born into poverty in the 1920’s, she worked in the Mill towns of Lancashire, raised 4 children by herself. She now has over 25 grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren!

I also find Baroness Lady Michelle Mone very inspiring, I read her daily social media posts. They provide food for thought and recognise that anything is possible with determination.

Inner strength, empathy, compassion and determination are my superpowers. Women rock!

Donna Proctor – Risk Manager

My inspiration is Erika Abrahams, the Executive Director and founder of Animal Aid Unlimited.

She relocated her family from Seattle to Udaipur India and has dedicated her life to protecting and re-educating on animal welfare. Their missions to help over 7,000 animals a year include animal rescue and hospital, neutering, street treatment, inoculation and a sanctuary.

Erika has worked endlessly to have out-dated laws changed, unravel political bias and corruption, campaign for donations and funding and to promote awareness via their social media platforms. Her philosophy is “Little things add up, so just do something…anything, do it repeatedly and make small changes.”

René Walker – Senior Relationship Management Consultant

I grew up having my inspirational mother as my role model. Being a single mother to myself and my brother, she did everything she could to ensure that we had everything we needed. Working in a pressured sales environment, regardless of her circumstances, she managed to be on top of her targets each month. They often had to audit her status because she was so brilliant at what she did!

Times were tough, but she managed to pull through with school fees, food, clothes and I truly admire her for how strong she is.

Everything I do in my daily life and at work is because of the important lessons that she has taught me. She is my daily drive and I hope to soon be teaching the same standards and morals to my daughter on the way.

Hendrika Goussard – Financial Controller

I find inspiration in the sentiment of the poem ‘How I became a Warrior’ by Jeff Foster. I take great motivation from the poem which encourages us to become warriors by uplifting ourselves.

The following is just a short section of the longer poem:

In the depths of my wounds,

in what I had named “darkness”,

I found a blazing Light

that guides me now in battle.

I became a warrior

when I turned towards myself.

And started listening.

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