Ten Seconds Apart

May 30, 2018

Our CEO, Greg Ellison, makes a poetic tribute to the Isle of Man TT, the greatest road race on Earth.

Ten Seconds Apart

Our beautiful island begins to awaken,
Hotels and restaurants, every space taken,
The Grandstand reborn as the trucks roll in,
The energy building, teams plotting to win,
Phone boxes, lamp posts wrapped in hay,
You know the races are not far away,
The place once a year where you’ve just got to be,
The most thrilling event, Isle of Man TT.

Swarms of bikes roll into town,
Up on the mountain, visors down,
Shops and bars, all of them teaming,
The prom full of bikes, all of them gleaming,
Praying for sunshine, safety and fun,
Riders are focused, the race must be won,
A beer in the sunshine and maybe a tan,
New choices this year- Bushys or Ram?

Ten seconds apart, the waiting is done,
The riders are off like a bullet from a gun,
For those brave enough, it’s all ‘bout the thrill,
Hitting 140 with sparks on Bray Hill,
Six laps to go, concentration intense,
The race has its haters, feeling incensed
At the loss of those that don’t make it back
Year after year, opinionated hacks.

But this ain’t a sport, it’s much more than that,
We’re not there at Lords choosing whether to bat,
Man and machine pushing the limits,
This race is the essence of raw human spirit.
Pushing the boundaries like never before,
To the victor the spoils, etched in folklore,
Passion and skill, new friendships are dawning,
If this ain’t your bag, there’s a boat in the morning!

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