International Adviser Conference - JHB

On Thursday 24th May, Commercial Director SA, David Noon, Business Development Manager SA, Helen Jones, and Relationship Manager, Bronwyn Ontong, attended the International Adviser Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa.

David presented ‘How to Find an Ideal Platform Provider when Investing Offshore’ in much the same way he did at the Cape Town IA Conference on the 22nd. During the later Q&A session, there were many questions raised to him from the audience in response to the importance of jurisdiction, and in particular, the difference between Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Delegates agreed on the importance of our local presence and office requirement in South Africa, and were surprised at how much Capital International Group has grown over the last 18 months! As we take time to pause and look back in these moments when such comments are made, we feel incredibly proud of all that the Group has achieved in this time- from the rebrand and office refurbishments; to the increase in headcount-, the growth has really been incredible.

As with the Cape Town conference, much positive feedback was received from international delegates following David’s presentation. Many were impressed by the selection of services available at CIG, primarily our ability to provide access to a universe of assets including listed and collectives via the online platform.

The panel discussions over the two conferences were extremely interactive, with Q&A’s between delegates and speakers. Questions touched upon specific presentations of the day, as well as the wider financial markets. The importance of data was discussed in detail during one of the presentations, with particular attention to how data is utilised in line with GDPR in Europe, and POPI in South Africa.

Notably, delegates were interested in asking us in particular if we believe that investing offshore from South Africa will continue. David confirmed that as political instability continues following the election of Cyril Ramaphosa, our South African clients still wish to hold non-Rand based assets in more stable currencies for confident financial security.

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