Females of the new era

‘Sweaty Betty’, ‘Super Bum’ and ‘The Grimsby Trawler’, these were just some of the nicknames given to the first female financiers to bravely break into the bastion of machismo that was the London stock exchange in the early 70s. After many years of campaigning, a group of six women were finally elected to work on the trading floor of the LSE on 26th March 1973.

Looking at the sector today, it’s safe to say we’ve come a long way from the chauvinism of the 70s. Gone are the days when finance was an exclusively male industry, characterized by the ‘city gent’ uniform of pin-striped suits, briefcases and bowler hats. For go-getting 20-somethings embarking on a career in finance in today’s world, it’s hard to believe that women of the not too distant past had next to no presence in financial institutions.

Across its Isle of Man and South Africa offices, Capital International Group employs a total of 140 people, 64 of whom are women with many occupying senior roles. We strive to empower our female employees, giving them every opportunity to excel and achieve their goals both personal and professional. We spoke to just some of our fantastic females to find out more about their careers at Capital.

Rachael Butterworth, Kirsten Gorry, Lauren Ormesher & Nancy Shefford
Rachael Butterworth, Kirsten Gorry, Lauren Ormesher & Nancy Shefford

Kirsten Gorry, Transformation Director:

Joining the company over 22 years ago as a Dealer, Kirsten has risen through ranks to become a Director and now heads the Group’s Transformation team.  Kirsten is a dedicated mother of two but is keen to stress that this has in no way hampered her progression within the business. Capital’s flexible hours policy has allowed Kirsten to continue her career without sacrificing time spent with her sons.

“The Group has given me the opportunity to be there for my children growing up. I can do the school run every day, attend all the school events and at the same time I have a career that I’m proud of. Despite my family commitments, Senior Management have always encouraged my progression within the business. I have continued to grow and advance over the last 20 years and my part-time hours have not held me back.”

Lauren Ormesher, Senior Administrator:

Lauren applied for a job at Capital after leaving school age 18. Having started in a junior role, Lauren has progressed massively over the last four years and will soon be jetting off to South Africa to work with the Client Services Team in our Cape Town office.

“The Group creates a driven working environment where the company’s objectives and values are very present in the office day to day. I’ve always felt encouraged to progress within the business and have been given the opportunity to attend courses in Leadership and take on new responsibilities to further my career. My current role allows me to work autonomously, take action and make important decisions independently. Spending six months in South Africa will definitely challenge me. I’ll be tasked with ensuring policies and procedures are consistent with those in the Isle of Man office as well as creating a shared pool of resources that meet the needs of both jurisdictions. I see these next six months as a fantastic opportunity, not only to develop my leadership and training skills but also to grow in confidence and experience new cultures.”

Nancy Shefford, Trainee Accountant:

Last year Nancy graduated from the Isle of Man Business School with a first class degree in Finance and Accounting. During her studies, Nancy worked as one of our Summer Interns but has now progressed to become a Trainee Accountant and is currently studying towards the ACCA qualification.

“As well as working full time, we trainees also have to contend with regular assessments and exams. Throughout my degree and Accountancy qualification, Capital have always been very supportive. As well as covering the costs of the ACCA exams, materials and classes, they are also flexible when it comes to needing time off for revision and make sure that never feel overwhelmed or stressed. My colleagues in the Finance team are always willing to answer my questions and constantly push me to improve. I have a lot more confidence now than when I started and my colleagues are always open to listening to any ideas and suggestions I may have. I feel like an important part of the team and that I am being taken seriously which means a lot to me as a trainee.”

Rachael Butterworth, Group Risk and Compliance Administrator:

Rachael recently celebrated her 5th year with the Group but is looking forward to a change of scenery in the coming months. With flights to Australia already booked, Rachael plans to take a 6 month career break to travel the world.

“Thanks to Capital I will be able to realise my dream of travelling the world without having to jeopardize my career. I know not every work place offers sabbaticals and appreciate that I am very fortunate to be able to take such a long break. There’s lots I hope to gain during my time away from the Island. I see the opportunity that Capital have given me as a chance to grow and develop my understanding of different cultures. Travelling to unfamiliar environments will increase my confidence and help me learn how to socialise with people that I may not ordinarily encounter. This, I’m sure, will prove invaluable in both my personal and professional life in the future.”

Whether it’s through professional progression, global travel, education or even time at home with the family, Kirsten, Lauren, Nancy and Rachael serve as proof that anything is possible with dedication and self-belief. These four fierce females are just some of our team members achieving incredible feats in finance with exciting times ahead for many more.

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