Fusion Managed Portfolio Service

For smaller portfolios, or where clients prefer greater diversification, our Fusion service provides a portfolio of collective investment schemes, managed on a discretionary basis.

Fusion is an ideal service for financial planners seeking to recommend their clients a good value independent discretionary manager, with a proven performance track record and an easy to understand investment strategy.

Within the Fusion managed portfolio service there is a choice of six different risk-profiled investment strategies in three different currencies (GBP, USD and EUR). All strategies target absolute returns through broad asset class diversification, with access to an unlimited range of assets, markets and specialist sectors within collective investment schemes.

The Fusion strategies employ an active investment management approach which allows significant refinements to the target asset allocation to be made. This enables the investment management team to respond to the investment climate, reducing risk during periods of turbulence and increasing it during periods of growth.

How Fusion can help you:

  • Proven investment track record with a stable investment management team, all of whom are directly accessible if required
  • Full investment reporting sent quarterly with valuations available online 24 hours a day
  • Face-to-face meetings and direct access to discretionary management team also available
  • Low entry level to a personalised discretionary investment management service of only £50,000
  • No initial charges and a competitive annual investment management charge of 0.6%, with a minimum of £100 per quarter (stripping away any advisor remuneration).

Fusion is available for direct investment, or via offshore bonds or via pension and QROPS wrappers.

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