Fusion ESG

Invest in more than just your own future

Introducing Fusion ESG: An ethical investment portfolio focusing on positive impact strategies, biodiversity and resource sustainability.

Do you know what you are invested in?

"It's crazy that our banks and our pensions are investing in fossil fuels, when these are the very things that are jeopardising the future we are saving for."

- Sir David Attenborough

Why choose ESG?

Have you ever considered the impact of your investment decisions? By taking the complexity out of responsible investing, ESG portfolios can help you to achieve more than capital growth by providing peace of mind that your portfolios are aligned with your own personal values and beliefs.

Fusion ESG

Positioned for sustainable value creation

Fusion ESG allows investors to future-proof their portfolios, focusing on investments which deliver long-term returns from Paris aligned companies. While we are cognisant of third-party ESG scores, we also conduct our own thorough ESG research to identify authentic and suitable opportunities.

  • Available in Sterling, Euro and Dollar

  • £75,000 minimum investment

  • 5 years investment time horizon (rolling) 

A portfolio powered by four ethical themes

The Fusion ESG portfolio selects global equity, bond and alternative managers that have established track records in managing ESG mandates. Fusion ESG has 4 key themes that invest in sectors with sustainable growth characteristics.

Asset Allocation

Fund Selection Process

Our active management process employs both inclusion (selecting high-scoring assets) and exclusion (ruling out low-scoring assets) analysis to produce an allocation that consists entirely of ESG assets.

  • 100% ESG allocation

  • An ESG management team based in the Isle of Man

  • Globally diversified asset allocation

the fund selection process for Fusion ESG

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