Capital International Bank Launches esports Banking Solution

August 8, 2022

Over the last few years, the Isle of Man has been unwavering in its mission to become a centre of authenticity and excellence for all things esports. It is hard to argue that it has not done an excellent job in making itself seen and heard within the esports ecosystem. It solidified its commitment to esports with the creation of a dedicated esports department within its government along with being the home to EU Masters competing organisation, X7. 

With the Island already recognised and respected in a number of sectors, including shipping, insurance and eGaming, there are already a number of providers who can service the esports businesses coming to the Island.

Launched in 2021, Capital International Bank offers a modern, digital corporate banking solution. Onboarding is digital, the look and feel of the user interface is fresh and intuitive and accounts are opened quickly.

Greg Ellison, CEO

Crafted with feedback from respected individuals within the esports sector, the banking solution offers account opening within 10 working days, access to 20 currencies though the Capital Call Account as well as a dedicated Relationship Consultant to walk organisation owners through the entire onboarding process. 

Greg Ellison, CEO of the Capital International Group, explains why he and the team are excited to service the esports industry:

“We understand that a large part of the esports industry is still very much in start-up mode. We see this as a positive. Having over 200 employees ourselves and offices in different jurisdictions, we take the same agile and forward-thinking approach as a lot of start-ups. Our esports offering has been created with the needs of esports organisations in mind. The esports industry moves at such a fast pace. We pride ourselves on being a swift and relationship driven digital bank, which is why we think it is a great fit for the industry.”

Luke Adebiyi, Business Development Manager

Having attended a number of esports networking events, conferences and tournaments, Capital International Bank Business Development Manager Luke Adebiyi said:

“We have already opened accounts for a number of esports clients and we’re keen to build a reputation as the go-to bank for esports organisations.”

Ready to open an account? Get in touch with our specialist Business Development Manager, Luke Adebiyi at  

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