Capital International Bank Attends SiGMA Malta

Mark McCormick
December 1, 2023

We recently had the pleasure of attending SiGMA Malta where we had the chance to meet with some of the most prominent players in the eGaming field.  

Capital International Bank (CIB) has long been supportive of an industry which plays such a critical part in the Isle of Man’s economic ecosystem and this trip was further reaffirmation of our commitment to providing banking services to gaming operators and the wider industry.

Attending the final eGaming show of the year was a great experience with SiGMA Malta proving to be a huge hit for everyone in attendance. It was fantastic to meet up with some familiar faces and to receive some excellent feedback on the banking services we provide to the industry.  

It was also brilliant to see so many organisations with an Isle of Man connection, ranging from Digital IOM and the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, through to various Corporate Service Providers and licensing specialists.

SiGMA Malta also presented a huge opportunity to meet first class operators, software providers and industry experts, allowing us to understand the latest industry trends, whilst also showcasing CIB’s proposition to prospective clients.

Image Sourced From SiGMA World LinkedIn

During these conversations, one theme arose time and time again: the challenge of obtaining genuine banking for businesses in the industry.

We know that the process of opening a corporate bank account is typically protracted, operationally intensive and sometimes exasperating for corporate clients.  

We have identified several common issues that clients often encounter:

  • Difficulty in finding a regulated bank that offers a suitable corporate banking solution. Operators are often forced to deal with Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) - EMIs are not required to operate to the same capital, liquidity and market risk regulations that apply to licensed banks and can be a risky alternative solution to a real bank.
  • ‘The Slow No’ - The task of completing extensive paperwork, waiting months for a response, only to face rejection.  
  • An account opening process that takes weeks or even months.
  • Dealing with outdated and cumbersome banking technology.

Simply put, Capital International Bank has been designed to alleviate these issues.  

First of all, we are a regulated bank holding a Class 1 (2) licence under the Isle of Man’s Alternative Banking Regime. This  enables operators to obtain banking with a licensed bank as part of their own license conditions. Furthermore, we are subject to the full range of prudential regulation regarding capital, liquidity and market risk requirements that come with holding a banking license. This differentiates us from money transmission license holders who are not subject to the same requirements.

We also offer quick decision-making from our team headquartered in the Isle of Man and will let you know whether you are eligible for a bank account within just 24 hours. New accounts are then opened relatively quickly, not taking months like most other banks, avoiding the dreaded ‘slow no’ and protracted account opening process.

Once onboarded, our clients are then able to access our bespoke, purpose-built digital banking platform and our suite of interest-bearing solutions, including same-day access fiduciary accounts with competitive rates of interest.

Please note: Currently, we cannot accept direct player deposits or provide accounts for gaming operators in USD or crypto currencies directly. However, we have a money market fund solution for USD segregated player funds in the wider Capital International Group, which has been approved by the IOM GSC.

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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