Souper Trooper Sleep out

Capital International Group
November 8, 2019

There’ll be no food, no tents, no phones, and no luxuries. Today, a team of 20 from the Capital International Group will be braving the potentially ice cold November conditions by sleeping rough for one night. CEO, Greg Ellison, tells us more about Capital’s fundraising mission:

“As we approach the Christmas period, we want to send a message of friendship and solidarity to the Souper Troopers in Cape Town and support individuals in the Isle of Man who benefit from the amazing work of Women’s Aid.”

“Capital began working with the Souper Troopers around a year ago and our staff both in South Africa and the Isle of Man have really got behind the organisation’s mission to improve the lives of the homeless in Cape Town.”

“The charity’s founder, Kerry Hoffman, visited our Circular Road offices in August to deliver a talk. We learned that the people supported by the Souper Troopers receive no state benefits, no food, no water, no sanitary products and, if they can find work, often work for a whole day to earn just £1. Inspired by Kerry’s determination to help and passion to see change, our Douglas team have decided to sleep out in an attempt to raise money and to experience what is a harsh daily reality for lots of people.”

“It might be rainy, it might be icy, it might be windy, but the whole point of the exercise is to put ourselves in the shoes of the homeless and those going through a traumatic period in their lives.”

“Our aim is to raise as much money as possible for people who are a lot less fortunate than us. We plan to split the money raised with 75% going to the Souper Troopers in Cape Town and 25% to Women’s Aid here in the Isle of Man.”

“After visiting the Souper Troopers in Cape Town earlier this month and seeing their work first hand, it’s clear that a small amount of money can have a significant impact.”

“As for Women’s aid, they too do some invaluable work in supporting women, children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse across the Isle of Man. We believe it is very important to support our local community and people in vulnerable positions. To know that they have someone to turn when life gets tough.”

“It’s probably not going to be a comfortable night, but hopefully our collective efforts will help to support a lot of people in both South Africa and the Isle of Man.”

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