Developing Our Global Connections

Capital International Group
May 9, 2018

As we expand our brand and head count out in South Africa, building close working relationships with our new overseas colleagues becomes vital for all our staff. Lee Basson joined Capital International in South Africa as Onboarding Senior Administrator in January 2018. To expand her knowledge of the business, Lee flew over from Cape Town to our newly refurbished Isle of Man office to work alongside our On-boarding team for three weeks!

“When I joined Capital International Group in January, I was told that I would soon be travelling to the Isle of Man for three weeks to get to know the team there, as well as to get some further training in my role.

On Sunday 8th April, as I touched down in the cold and rainy weather at Ronaldsway, I was totally unprepared for how much I would fall in love with the island.

Arriving at the Douglas-based office, I began working alongside my colleague, Gill Porter, the Onboarding Team Senior Manager, who kindly shared with me the knowledge she has gained throughout her 20 years working for the Group. Gill and her dedicated team work so well together, going above and beyond to maintain and help build a satisfied and happy clientele.

As I look back over those three weeks, I can’t believe the amount of valuable knowledge, details and skills I picked up in such a short time with Gill’s team; all of which I have brought back to the Cape Town office to share.

I was fortunate enough to spend time with many other of my new colleagues throughout the different departments of the office, and I can truly say that it is an honour to be part of this company. The people around me were kind, helpful, and went out of their way to make me feel welcome and part of the business. More, the brand new additions around the office, such as the branded wall canvases and state-of-the-art coffee stations, only added to the ongoing excitement in the air about the upcoming plans for the Group.

Spending time with our CEO, Greg Ellison, allowed me insights into how the Group is run from the core. I was immediately impressed with the relaxed and humble way in which he manages the Group. In the monthly staff update session, Greg emphasised to us how important it is, as colleagues, to look out for each other and be good to each other.  I was moved - life is hard, fast, and sometimes people end up just pushing for results. Greg stood before us acknowledging the value of each of us personally, and promoting kindness and empathy to one another.

Whilst on the island, I had time to get a feel for the culture and proud heritage held there. I explored the beautiful Manx countryside, seeing the wild daffodils blooming everywhere; the newborn lambs with their families; and the rich soil of the farmland.

I visited the beautiful seaside town of Peel, where I walked through the mazes of streets and bought Manx gifts to bring back home to my friends and family.

I drove the famous motorcycle route where the TT riders will soon do their fast and famous race. I hope that next year I will be able to see the race itself live in action!

But on that note, I had to put my own petrol in at the petrol station, which is something we all take for granted in South Africa!

One of the most wonderful moments  of Manx culture that I experienced happened whilst listening to the local news on the radio. The quality of life here is incredibly different (and so safe) in comparison to what I have become used to in South Africa, where we have to listen to the most terrible news relating to murder and volatile politics on a daily basis. I was in awe at the contrast; the news announced that islanders were on the lookout for a dog who had attacked a newborn lamb.

There is so much integrity on the island, and I feel proud to say that the same integrity is reflected within the Capital International Group office. Every day, I saw how the business runs true to its original and lasting values of innovation, integrity and excellence. In addition, I saw respect. Everyone works together to ensure our clients receive a great and timely experience, as well as to make them proud to be involved or associated with us. The Compliance team ensures that we are all equipped with the suitable and up to date knowledge to protect our clients and the business, and they work alongside each department individually to do this.

To the Chairman of the business Anthony Long and his wife Helen, who are both currently in Cape Town, I wish to thank you immensely for your hospitality of letting me stay in your breathtakingly beautiful home in Ballasalla. My stay there did not feel like a visit, but just like home.

The stunning island, the people, the culture, and the many colleagues who so quickly became friends, have all stolen a huge part of my heart. I cannot wait to return!”

Since arriving back in Cape Town, Lee has been promoted to On-Boarding Manager for the South Africa team. She will continue to work closely with Gill Porter to ensure our processes and procedures are smoothly coordinated. We would all like to wish Lee all our congratulations on her well-deserved position!

Disclaimer: The views thoughts and opinions expressed within this article are those of the author, and not those of any company within the Capital International Group (CIG) and as such are neither given nor endorsed by CIG. Information in this article does not constitute investment advice or an offer or an invitation by or on behalf of any company within the Capital International Group of companies to buy or sell any product or security.

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