A Year In Review

Capital International Group
December 15, 2017

What a rewarding year 2017 has been for Capital International Group!
We have been catching up with some of our brilliant staff members in our Isle of Man office to ask them, ‘What were your highlights of 2017? And what are you looking forward to most in 2018?’
Here is what they had to say…

Andrew Payne: Banking Department
“I joined CIG in June 2017 after spending seven years working in banking. Since, I have experienced many new aspects of financial services and feel I have risen to the challenges I faced in doing so. My role is designed to be as part of the Banking team from mid-2018, but until then I have been working with the Marketing team.
This has exposed me to an area I had never been part of before, and I was fortunate enough to get to have an active role in, and see first-hand, the recent company rebranding and the structure of the new website. Seeing how much work and thought has gone into every single part of it has awed me and I have really valued having that opportunity. I was even able to help with the management of our annual year-end function and client brand launch event, and watching the brand come to life for the first time in front of our clients made me extremely proud of my new colleagues and their collaboration with Ashgrove Marketing agency.
As a new starter, this has also given me a very in-depth understanding of the company and brand, which will be extremely beneficial for my future here. Feeling so involved also encouraged me to play in the boys’ football tournaments and recently join the Social Committee- I can’t wait to start organising social and charity events in 2018.”

Gill Porter: New Business and Onboarding Department
“2017 has been my 19th year working at CIG, and certainly one of the most memorable! It has been continually exciting to be part of the fast-paced change and development of the Group, and I am most proud of being able to develop, and now lead, the New Business & Onboarding team.
All the changes have allowed for greater focus, productivity, as well as positivity around the office. I cannot wait to further develop this team throughout 2018, as well as to work in a bigger team of Client Experience professionals in the surroundings of our newly-designed offices.
This year, I was also privileged and proud to be nominated as Director of our local Samaritans branch here on the Isle of Man. This is a charity I have been actively involved with voluntarily for over five years, helping to raise awareness of Samaritans as a whole as well as being a listening volunteer. Being recognised was an honour and I am looking forward to continuing my voluntary work in 2018.”

Chris Bell: Investment Management Department
“2017 has been a momentous year for me! I have been lucky enough make the most important person in my life my wife- tying the knot in June before jetting off on a last ditch attempt at adventure before fully accepting my fate as ‘settled’! We travelled around America and had an amazing experience.
All the while, CIG has been moving at a hundred miles an hour. We have had a wealth of new talent join our ranks, and the increasing cohesion within the company is truly a breath of fresh air. With this, a brilliant new opportunity was made available to me and I have stepped up into a greater role of responsibility within the Investment Management team. We have been consolidating our ideas on the future direction of the investment processes, and I look forward to driving more performance in the year to come.
I am also looking forward to getting to know my new colleagues throughout 2018 as we expand the Group cultural ideals; a task I will be directly involved in as a member of our new ‘culture club’. Through such dynamics, we hope to become a force for life, not just for work.”

Cole Hayes: Dealing Department
“2017 has been a life-changing year for me! My son, Axl, was born on 14th May- which was, easily, the best I’ve ever felt! Even though I’m mostly tired these days, it’s totally worth every moment.
I have also been getting involved in many sports and activities both in and out of work- I bought a kayak, and have been involved in the Capital rugby and rounder’s tournaments. I am really looking forward to hearing what the newly formed Social Committee has in store for us next year in terms of sports.
The current positivity around the office really does speak volumes of how we all feel about the re-brand launched in October. This, in turn, drives us to do our best at what we do every day- and I can’t wait to see how we develop further as a Group in 2018.”

Georgina McMaw: Marketing Department
“For me, 2017 has been a year of experiencing the world of work and forging out a suitable career path for myself after completing my Master’s degree in English Literature at the end of 2016.
On returning to the Isle of Man, I found it challenging to establish where I would fit in in a working world made up largely of financial institutions. However, in September, after spending nine months gaining accounts experience, I was fortunate enough to be allowed the opportunity to move from the Finance department into the Marketing department, which was a hugely positive turning point in my year.
At this time, the rebrand was in progress, and I was immediately given the project of organising the client annual function and brand launch event. This event was the most successful part of my time at Capital so far, and I am really looking forward to taking on similar responsibilities throughout 2018, especially with the upcoming launch of the bank.
After the event, I was made permanent as a Marketing Coordinator. I have been able to utilise my key skill set gained throughout my education with confidence and have found a place to thrive and expand my knowledge. I have learned so much already and have so much more to learn in 2018 as I continue my career in marketing with the Group.
In December 2017, I became part of the new Social Committee, and led a fundraising day to raise money for a charity very close to my heart, Crohn’s and Colitis UK. We raised over £220 and I cannot wait to see what kind of similar achievements we can achieve in 2018 for other important causes.”

Lauren Ormesher: Client Services Department
“2017 has been my third year at CIG, and it has been great to see all the changes to the branding, website, and the offices! Our team of ‘Customer Services’ expanding into a bigger team of ‘Client Experience’ has been a really exciting development, and I have been able to take on higher levels of responsibility through it.
I was extremely proud to be awarded the Quarterly Recognition Award in Q3 after being nominated by a number of my colleagues for being able to readily share my detailed knowledge of our business processes and procedures gained throughout my time at Capital in order to help others.
The culture at Capital it something I have also noticed has improved so much throughout the year, with people becoming a lot closer and communications significantly improving. I can’t wait to see how the company expands and develops in 2018 with the bank and continued ideas of the ‘culture club’!”

Steven Woods: Operations Department
“2017 was a year of self-development for me personally after a tough few months of my life, and I am proud and relieved of how far I have come. Already I have some great plans for the coming year, which include putting my own stamp on my new home, buying a new car, and hopefully flying out to see my friend in Singapore in time for the Formula 1 in September.
I also see 2018 bringing lots more hard work, especially with the continued effort going into the reconciliation package at CIG. I may also have time to sit the CISI Regulations exam, and passing that would be a great and rewarding way to top off another positive year.”

Rowita Bako: Payment Services Department

“Every month we have staff updates from Greg. I always look forward to hearing them, as they put into perspective all that we have accomplished in that month, as well as maintaining the motivation towards where we are heading. They contribute largely to the unity we all feel now as a Group and the excitement we feel for 2018.
In addition, all work social events have been enjoyable and I really look forward to seeing how the company culture will develop as a result of the recent establishment of the ‘culture club‘, and the revamped social committee.
It has been wonderful to see so much positive change around the office with so many new starters, new projects, and an entire rebrand that I think looks amazing. The office redevelopment has also been extremely beneficial it has refreshed our daily work environment to reflect the brand, making us all feel part of something special.
My family is ending 2017 celebrating that my husband Bryann has been granted his visa to join me and our daughter Genesis (2), from the Solomon Islands. We have now started living on the Isle of Man as a family after years of skyping! I can’t wait to enjoy every moment of this going forward.”

Paul Atherton- Finance Department
“I joined CIG as Group Head of Finance in October 2017, taking the lead of the Finance department and the production of the financial modelling in support of the Group’s application for a class 1-(2) banking license.
Not only have I had a busy but successful year securing this role, I have also been working on my current project of a research MSc in Banking. I am continually excited and motivated by the prospect that we will be the first new bank in the Isle of Man for over 25 years. Therefore, 2018 is the year in which hard work should result in great achievements both professionally and personally.
Personally, I am hoping for a happy and healthy new year for my family- my wife and two daughters, and a successful second half of the football season for my team- Michael United Football Club. In addition, I would like to wish all our clients and staff a happy and healthy 2018.”

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