A Day on The Farm

Charlotte Looker
October 15, 2019

Last week two teams from our Douglas office put their wellington boots and biceps to the test when they spent a day working on the Children’s Centre farm.

Based on a headland overlooking Douglas, the day kicked off with a talk about the farm and how the facilities help young people to improve their social skills and develop their personal confidence.

Over the course of the day the tasks assigned to the team were met with buckets of enthusiasm…and mud! The first challenge was to lug a colossal heap of soil from one end of the farm to the other. One individual who seemed to thrive in the rural environment was Rob Sheen with digging skills to match any mole or meerkat. Like an oil drill, he bored into the earth causing the team to fear for his toes with every ferocious strike of the soil.

The Capital team later called upon their architectural skills to artistically fashion a roof structure for one of the farm’s huts using the mud they’d collected earlier. Some of our team members were so passionate about completing the roof that they risked life and limb to perfect the structure. Tara Brown, for example, lost her footing and slid down the roof yet somehow managed to successfully plant half a bag of bulbs on the way down!

Having avoided injury and accomplished their mission, the team then had the chance to meet some of the farm’s livestock including Precious the pig, donkeys, hens and kittens to name a few.

The visit to the charity’s farm was deemed very worthwhile by all involved. The team came away not only with a better understanding of the farm and the Children’s Centre in general, but also stronger bonds with their colleagues as well as a huge sense of achievement.

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