Family Offices

A simple way to manage investments

We provide a simple comprehensive solution to family offices, helping them to streamline their investment administration.

We understand your challenges

We partner with a number of family offices and are experienced in tailoring solutions to the specific requirements of your type of business. These include:

  • Balancing transparency and privacy

  • The complex nature of multi-layered affairs and structures

  • Providing excellent service to clients

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Banking for family offices

With 72 hour account opening and pragmatic decision-making, our cash management services offer an alternative to traditional banking, featuring:

  • Digital onboarding and management of account mandates and authorities

  • Live foreign exchange online

  • Easy digital diversification of large cash balances across highly rated third party banks

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Investment management services

Where family offices require a discretionary manager to make investment decisions, our investment team have the expertise and experience to build solutions that work for you.

  • Consolidate reporting of all investments in one place

  • Direct access to investment decision makers

  • A wide range of risk-rated investment products

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An open architecture investment platform

Family offices managing their own investments can make use of our platform to streamline their administration and consolidate their reporting.

  • An almost unlimited range of investment options

  • Web portal available 24/7

  • Assets ring-fenced in a nominee account

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