Corporate Service Providers

We understand what CSPs need

We make sure things run smoothly for our CSPs. Whether it’s cash management or investment services, you can count on us to manage your clients’ structures effectively.

We speak fluent CSP

Headquartered in the Isle of Man and partnered with numerous CSPs, we’re very familiar with the challenges corporate service providers regularly face. These include:

  • Managing a network of directors and beneficial owners

  • Finding banking solutions for your corporate structures

  • Balancing privacy with transparency

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Smooth onboarding with no hidden costs

Delays can be frustrating when you’re trying to impress clients. We aim to make it as easy as possible to set up an account with us. This means:

  • Account open within 72 hours
    for standard risk accounts

  • Pragmatic decision-making from our Isle of Man team

  • Clear and transparent pricing

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Banking for CSPs

Our digital bank revolutionises services to CSPs looking to open new bank accounts for different client structures. Our services include:

  • Easy, rapid and digital onboarding

  • Pragmatic decision making coupled with fair pricing

  • All day to day services each controlled via a client friendly and secure digital interface

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Simplify your investment structures

For structures holding investments, our platform allows easy reporting and monitoring of portfolios. Our investment team can also select investments for structures where necessary.

  • Consolidate reporting of all investments in one place

  • Highly qualified investment management team

  • A wide range of risk-rated investment products

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