Offering an alternative to direct investment, our Kinesis Trading Account is an extremely efficient and effective method of gaining exposure to the performance of any underlying investment strategy without actually investing directly in the assets.

A specialist and bespoke service for professionals and the clients they advise, Kinesis can significantly enhance net returns from exposure to a huge range of securities, indices and managed strategies, and can be adapted to suit low or high risk appetites as required.

Whatever your investment objectives or investment strategy, you can achieve the same performance by executing principal contracts in a Kinesis Trading Account.

How a Kinesis Trading Account can help you:

  • No direct ownership of assets akin to trust, corporate and life policy structures
  • Accessible, easy to trade and switch
  • Open architecture so almost unlimited universe of assets
  • Choice of option, CFD, spread bet structures to suit your purposes
  • Dependent on your needs, contracts within a Kinesis Trading Account can be tailored bespoke to your exact requirements
  • Contracts can be structured as limited liability contracts, spread bets, options, CFD, option CFDs or any other variety of principal contract
  • Flexibility and choice of strategy options
  • Advisors specifically benefit from the ability to create and manage model strategies for use across multiple clients


Platforms in focus

A recent publication released by the FCA shared the terms of reference of a current market study which focuses on investment platforms in the UK.


Q&A: Andy Tinnion

Ten minutes with Capital International's Andy Tinnion who is our Business Development Manager.

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