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Giving you control over your cash flow, around the world

We offer a variety of secure services to help you improve the way you manage funds and make payments, while maintaining your records and importing data directly into your own accounting system

Payroll Solution

With card solutions businesses can provide their employees with a pre-paid card and pay wages directly onto their card by BACS transfer or instantly from their eccount – regardless of their employees’ location.

This reduces costs, saves time, is more secure and improves employer control. For employees, particularly those that are mobile or continually move with their work being paid using a pre-paid card can be the most efficient and convenient pay-roll solution.

Expenses Solution

By using a pre-paid Expenses Card it is much easier to manage business expenses for remotely located staff, especially when travelling as it is safer than holding or carrying cash.

It gives the employer much greater control over the money and spending. It also reduces back office costs and saves time. For both employer and employee pre-paid cards provide much great security. In addition as there is no line of credit it protects against debt and creates no liability or credit exposure to the business.

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