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Fundraising Friday for Leo the Lion

Thursday 2nd March 2017

On Friday 10th February the staff at the Capital International Group held a cake bake with everyone being asked to wear yellow on behalf of ‘Leo the Lion’, a three year old boy fighting against cancer. Leo Keefe’s family are fundraising so that he can receive the necessary proton beam therapy and after-care support.

Leo the Lion Facebook Page

During the course of fundraising for Leo, charitable donations were made, yellow was worn and cakes (lots of cakes) were baked, bought, donated and eaten.

We are happy to announce that the staff in our Isle of Man office raised £265.50 along with the Capital International Group generously agreeing to match this amount. In total, we will be sending £531.00 to Leo the Lion to assist in his medical expenses, aftercare, physiotherapy – whatever is required to assist in Leo’s quality of life after his proton beam therapy.