The Group’s investment managers are appointed to a number of funds, suitable for a variety of client profiles, and have been managing discretionary portfolios for individuals, pension funds, institutions and the Isle of Man Government for over 20 years. The Group’s investment managers have a proven track record of strong absolute returns and relative returns against benchmark indices.

The Group have established Capital Investment Fund PCC PLC as an Isle of Man Qualifying Fund with four Share Classes; Pursuant to the Qualifying Fund Regulations, SMP Fund Services Limited act as the Manager to the Fund and each of the share classes. Capital International Limited are the appointed Investment Manager and Custodian to the Fund and each of the Share Classes.


To be, or not to be, a conglomerate

With the likes of Google and Amazon holding an assortment of businesses under the same company structure, Head of Equity, James Penn, now shares his thoughts on 'conglomerate' status.


Trust - is it just another buzz word?

In recent years, “trust” has gained buzz word status in marketing and sales spheres. It was also a concept that featured heavily at the recent Client Engagement Summit in London. Having attended the summit and gained insight from a range of experts, Marketing Coordinator, Minna Perup now shares her thoughts on "trust". 


GOLD shining brightly - for now

Gold has recovered from a low of $1160 in August 2018 to trade near $1550 in early September 2019. This is the highest level since April 2013. Will gold continue to rise and challenge the all-time high of $1920 reached in September 2011, or will this rally fade?

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