Important Notice

Please note that the Capital International Group (CIG) is aware of emails circulating from a fraudulent domain registered as These emails purport to be from our Chief Investment Officer – David Long and are being used in an attempt to commit fraud.

This fraudulent domain does not belong to CIG. The domain is a misspelling of our genuine domain which is (Note that the ‘m’ in capital-iom has been substituted with an ‘n’ in a deliberate attempt to imitate CIG’s domain).

This can lead to an impression the email was sent from CIG. It wasn’t. The email systems and emails sent from the fraudulent domain are beyond CIG’s control. Please do not action any requests within the email and consider deleting it.

Any client or prospective client of CIG will only ever be contacted by an email from our genuine domain which is Occasionally a member of CIG may contact clients by phone. The number will be either +44 1624 654200 or +27 (0) 21 201 1070.

If you have any doubts as to the validity of any communication please email to make us aware of your doubt. Do not act on any request within the communication until you have satisfied yourself that it is genuine.