Update Regarding Data Hack at Cayman National Bank

Werner Alberts
November 27, 2019

Further to our notification of 20th November 2019, Cayman National Bank has now issued a formal notification of a criminal data breach to CTS.

The Special Task Team that has been set up by CTS has reviewed the notification and we have been in further dialogue with Cayman National Bank. At this point, we have no more detailed information regarding specific CTS data that has been compromised by the data breach. We will remain in regular dialogue with Cayman National Bank and advise CTS customers as soon as more information comes to light.

For clarification, the clients of CTS are not clients of Cayman National Bank and therefore the reference in the formal notification to KYC data relates to the KYC data of CTS and its directors and owners and not to the KYC of CTS’s customers.