financial services

We build powerful fintech solutions to enhance client experiences across a range of products and services.

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Capitalising on new technology

We put technology front and centre. In 2020, we released our next-generation financial services platform, VELTA, to power Capital International Bank. This new technology is now actively changing how our client experiences are delivered.

Our technology platform

The VELTA solution is designed for speed whilst ensuring consistent levels of service and security for users.

Built in-house

Researched and developed by our team to ensure full freedom over functionality, user experience and design.

Located in the Cloud

VELTA’s production infrastructure is securely located in world leading cloud hosting data centres with replication for high availability.

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Customisable and collaborative


Connected with a payments provider, VELTA allows users to send monies across the globe in the click of a button.


The VELTA platform is linked with state-of-the-art anti money laundering software.


We use live feeds to provide users with instant rates for foreign exchange.

Secured OpenAPI Protocols

Data is communicated through encrypted channels with multi-factor authentication at log-in.

Non-stop innovation

Our technology team have developed an agile culture that is based on continuous consideration of feedback, integration and delivery.

Bi-weekly releases

We make major product updates on a regular basis, using client feedback and analytical data to shape our offering.

A unique methodology

Through our methodology termed ‘RIDE’ (Rolling Integration and Delivery Execution), we are able to innovate both responsively and responsibly.

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