Funds & Collective Investments

Many clients prefer not to access investment markets directly via listed assets

Opportunities exist to hold assets in the client's desired market, industry or geographical region via funds, collective investment schemes and other pooled assets

Our dedicated fund dealing unit will facilitate an investment into any fund wherever it is domiciled in the world, whether it is onshore, offshore, whether it deals on a daily, weekly, monthly or less frequent basis, whatever the asset class and whatever the currency.

Our expertise lies in our open architecture approach which means that we do not operate a limited fund universe but we will deal your chosen fund and share class on the best possible terms we can offer.

For those clients who pursue a passive investment management approach utilising tracker funds, these can also be traded as well. Exchange traded funds would be executed by our dealers in the listed securities unit – for more information click here.

To find out more visit the downloads section or call our business development team on:
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Our expertise lies in our open architecture and transaparent approach