Buying Bullion

Via our approved Bullion Brokers we can offer you the safest and easiest way to buy gold

You get outright ownership of professionally-approved bars, stored in three of the safest vaults in the world. This facility has none of the minimum investment or storage restrictions encountered when trying to purchase physical gold directly

The gold is originally assayed at a recognised bullion market gold refiner and at the established standard of purity for bullion (>99.5%). It was acquired from and delivered by formally recognised bullion market participants, and it stays at all times in a formally recognised bullion vault.

Because of strict adherence to market procedures for handling bullion, the bars retain their status as ‘Good Delivery’. This means that professional market buyers who pay the best prices, will accept them, which they will not ordinarily do for bars with a private custody history.

So, although owned by private customers, the bars retain their full resale value and this simple solution eliminates the significant costs of private gold ownership.

Your gold will be audited every single working day and neither Capital Treasury Services nor our approved Bullion Broker staff have physical access to your gold. When you wish to realise the value of the gold holding, our approved Bullion Broker can trade it on your behalf and we will transfer you the proceeds, reducing the risks of the sale of privately held gold.

To find out more information and further details on our fees, please visit the downloads section or call our business development team on:
+44 (0) 1624 654230

Gold holds its value because it is seen as a scarce resource