Bullion & Precious Metals

Bullion & Precious Metals has proven itself to be a safe long-term investment, steadily increasing in value since the early 20th Century.

Especially during uncertain economic times, gold has been a safe store of value and has even risen in value when major world currencies decline

While the Bullion & Precious Metals market can be volatile, especially as a short-term investment, in the longer term it holds its value because it is a scarce resource.

Gold loses some value when a mining company discovers a sizable new deposit, temporarily increasing the world supply which accounts for some of the short-term losses we see from time to time.

However, even with new discoveries, the supply can never increase enough to diminish gold’s relative rarity and therefore its worth as a commodity.

Gold often moves inversely to major national currencies like the US Dollar. This is largely a reflection of falling confidence in inflationary policies of central banks. Because gold retains its value, people buy it, and pool it, if they fear inflation is eroding their currency.

Although gold is not traded as easily as paper currency, it is easy to convert into cash, and not just on the stock market. Holders of physical gold can sell it to private buyers and jewellers.

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Gold holds its value because it is seen as a scarce resource