SIRIUS | Structured Investment

We can provide an alternative to direct investment, delivering equivalent returns with substantial additional benefits.

SIRIUS is a specialist and bespoke service for professionals and the clients they advise, offering the ability to significantly enhance net returns from exposure to a wide range of securities, indices and managed strategies.

SIRIUS is an extremely efficient and effective method of gaining exposure to the performance of any underlying investment strategy. Whatever your investment objectives or investment strategy, you can achieve the same performance by executing principal contracts in a SIRIUS Trading Account, with many additional benefits:

No direct ownership of assets – akin to trust, corporate and life policy structures

■ Accessibility – accessible, easy to trade and switch

■ Range of reference assets – open architecture so virtually unlimited universe of assets

■ Flexibility – choice of strategy options, easy switching and encashment

■ Bespoke structures – dependent on your needs, contracts within SIRIUS can be tailored to your exact requirements.

There is no gearing within SIRIUS or the structured notes held within. Importantly, it should be noted that all investment strategies employed within SIRIUS are 100% asset backed.

Investment Strategies

SIRIUS investment strategies can be written against an almost unlimited spectrum of financial instruments either individually or as part of a portfolio strategy. Assets that can be referenced include:

■ Structured products

■ Mutual Funds & Investment Trusts

■ Hedge & Alternative Investment Funds

■ Private Equity Funds

■ FX Strategies

■ CFDs & other derivative strategies

■ ETF & other passive tracker strategies

■ Third party managed strategies

■ Listed equities

SIRIUS offers a number of investment strategies
which are managed by Capital International SA.
The company can assist you to assess which
strategy is most appropriate for your circumstances.

Alternatively, more sophisticated clients may be
able to create their own investment strategy or
Capital International SA may be able to create a
more tailored investment strategy if required.

Structured Investments | SIRIUS