Kinesis | Spread Bet Solutions

In addition to traditional investment management we also offer bespoke spread bet services

Kinesis can significantly enhance net returns from exposure to a range of securities, indices and managed strategies, delivering equivalent returns from the same underlying assets, but more tax-efficiently

The Kinesis Trading Account is an extremely efficient and effective method of gaining exposure to the performance of any underlying investment strategy without actually investing directly in the assets.

Whatever your investment objectives or investment strategy, you can achieve the same performance by executing principal contracts in a Kinesis Trading Account, with many additional benefits:

No direct ownership of assets – akin to trust, corporate and life policy structures

Flexibility – accessible, easy to trade and switch

Range of reference assets – open architecture so virtually unlimited universe of assets

Tax efficiency – choice of option, CFD, spread bet structures to suit your tax purposes

Bespoke structures – dependent on your needs, contracts within a Kinesis Trading Account can be tailored bespoke to your exact requirements

Flexibility – choice of strategy options, huge range of assets

Many traditional principal contracts, such as CFDs and spread bets are often perceived as high risk due to high levels of leverage and limited high risk assets which are referenced. Kinesis reinvents the proposition of principal contracts so that leverage risk is removed meaning that clients know their maximum downside risk is covered by the assets in their Kinesis account (no different to a traditional investment account).

Furthermore, Kinesis enables clients to reference a diversified strategy and a virtually unlimited universe of assets meaning that the investment risk can be as low or as high risk as the client’s risk profile and appetite.

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