Graduated Manager Licence

We enable clients, advisers and other investment managers the ability to structure their own investments or investment proposition into a structure that makes it more tax-efficient or more marketable to other clients and investors

The Isle of man is unique...

With virtually no commute time, the Isle of Man is an ideal centre for Fund Managers looking to relocate and in particular for those who want to optimise work and leisure time. The Isle of Man Financial Services Authority recognises the need for more flexible arrangements for newly establishing Managers with several options designed to suit all business models, such as:

Managed Managers

  • Ideal for new establishing Managers
  • Gives the opportunity for new start-ups to contract with a Licensed Investment Manager
  • Greatly assists with a low-cost start-up
  • Experienced licensed Investment Manager can provide infrastructure and operational support

Graduated Manager Licence

  • Licence is generally granted for an initial period of 12 months to allow set-up and funds to be accepted for investment
  • Recognises that the operational resources required for the business can be built as the business seeks to attract investors
  • The Island offers a support programme for newly establishing managers with a grant system allowing up to 40% for relevant expenses being payable during the initial years of operation

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