Global Custody

The Capital International Group has offered custody services since 1996 and is recognised as an expert in this area

Global custody via a nominee means that client cash, assets and investments are held in a ring-fenced environment, ensuring that monies are secure and separate from any individual company within the Capital International Group

At a basic level, through Capital International Limited, we offer a competitive and flexible custody solution for institutional and private clients with a service package that includes safekeeping, trade capture, clearance, settlement, corporate actions and income collection.

At a more sophisticated level for institutional clients such as life companies, custody develops into full outsourcing and third party investment administration arrangements, which may include a range of the following:

  • On-line dealing and fully integrated trade settlement services
  • Global custody with on-line interaction and portfolio monitoring
  • Corporate action and dividend processing
  • Asset and unit linked fund pricing
  • Fully white labelled valuation and statement reporting solutions

The effective use of Capital International’s investment administration services provides institutions the opportunity to:

  • Reduce running costs and overheads
  • Optimise efficiency and straight through processing
  • Reduce operational risk and cost
  • Offer enhanced services to their clients
  • Review portfolios daily via on-line access
  • Have access to highly qualified personnel

In selecting Capital International Limited as your chosen custodian you will gain comfort that the organisation has proven processes supported by a resilient and robust infrastructure.

As the regulated custodian within the Capital International Group, Capital International Limited has successfully achieved the industry recognised AAF 01/06 accreditation in recognition of the quality of their control environment following an in-depth review by PricewaterhouseCoopers. This process involved a comprehensive review of the Company’s internal controls focusing particularly on their operating effectiveness and processes.

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We offer a competitive and flexible custody solution for institutional and private clients