PRISM | Strategy Pricing

We are an award winning investment group with our headquarters in the Isle of Man

PRISM is a competitive alternative to other discretionary services, passive investment offerings and structured products, combining low cost with the professionalism of highly diversified active institutional asset management together with the service of a discretionary management service.

PRISM Pricing as at 19/09/2017
Full Name Price
PRISM Master Investment Strategy 326.7428
PRISM Horizon 1 LLC 121.4607
PRISM Horizon 1+ LLC 136.2247
PRISM Horizon 2 LLC 158.2735
PRISM Horizon 2+ LLC 183.1772
PRISM Horizon 3 LLC 210.9271
PRISM Horizon 3+ LLC 241.7137
PRISM Horizon 4 LLC 275.4052
PRISM Horizon 5 LLC 312.2381
PRISM Horizon 6 LLC 351.6370
PRISM Horizon 8 LLC 391.4664
PRISM Horizon 10 LLC 478.6336
PRISM Enhanced Growth.................. 561.4273

PRISM Horizon Key Data


Minimum Initial Investment

Dealing Frequency

Dealing Cut-Off
Tuesday at 12:30pm

Initial Charge

Exit Charge

Master Investment Strategy
Management Charge

0.25% (see note below)

Capital Financial Markets Limited

Investment Manager & Promoter
Capital International Limited

Capital International Limited

PRISM reserves the right to levy a performance fee on the Master Investment Strategy on performance in excess of the defined return profiles. Full details of PRISM are contained in the Brochure, Terms of Business and associated literature which is available upon request.