PRISM | Redefining Investment

We are an award winning investment group with our headquarters in the Isle of Man

PRISM is a competitive alternative to other discretionary services, passive investment offerings and structured products, combining low cost with the professionalism of highly diversified active institutional asset management together with the service of a discretionary management service.

PRISM offers a full spectrum of defined return profiles to match a broad range of requirements and objectives. Each profile has a defined average return and a defined volatility which, together with the performance of the Master Investment Strategy, are used to mathematically calculate the return in each period. the Master Investment Strategy is a highly diversified investment portfolio which aims to optimise returns per unit of risk.

The defined average return and volatility of each profile are published in advance, giving investors clarity as to the performance characteristics of their investment and enabling them to select the profile that is most suitable to their requirements.

PRISM‘s wide range of defined return profiles has been developed so that clients and their advisers can match their specific investment requirements with precision and clarity of execution.

To assist clients and their advisers in the process of identifying the most suitable investment strategy to meet their requirements we have created a Client Requirement Profiler. This has been designed to make the investment decision process a lot simpler for all parties involved.

Defined Return Profiles
Where returns are mathematically calculated in accordance with pre-published, pre-defined risk and return profiles.

A full spectrum of defined return profiles to choose from ensuring suitability can be established and maintained as circumstances change.

Investment Excellence
Defined return profiles that are truly compelling in comparison to traditional investments
and strategies.

The underlying Master Investment Strategy seeks to maximise diversification across a wide range of asset classes and high quality investments.

No lock-in periods or exit penalties. Clients can switch or exit as they chose.

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