Discretionary Management

For clients and advisers who want to access investment markets but would prefer professional involvement in the investment decisions

For clients with portfolios typically valued at £400,000 upwards and who are seeking professional investment management expertise we offer a bespoke discretionary service

One of our discretionary management team will meet with the client and their adviser(s) to understand the client’s risk profile, investment time frame and objectives, as well as any specific requirements.

We will then agree a mandate, overall objective and benchmark with the client and propose a portfolio. The asset allocation of which will typically be diversified across a range of asset classes using predominantly listed securities; such as equities, bonds and gilts, as well as some specialist funds.

The discretionary management team then manage the portfolio in accordance with the agreed mandate on a day to day basis. Full detailed reporting is sent to the client on a quarterly basis with online valuation access available 24 hours a day. Face to face meetings are also available on request and every client has direct access to their discretionary manager.

The annual investment management charge typically starts at 1% per annum and would reduce at our discretion for larger portfolios.

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