Capital Liquidity Account

The Capital Liquidity Account is an offshore cash-only investment account managed by the Treasury Services team

It is available in three standard currencies and tracks the UK Base Rate, the US Federal Reserve Rate and the European Central Bank Rate ensuring that your money and your client's money is always earning a market leading rate

The Capital Liquidity Account is suitable for:

  • investors who are looking to maintain their original investment amount
  • investors who require regular income over the short to medium term
  • investors who would not individually have access to the professional money markets

Additional features of the CLA offer:

  • Diversification – by placing client monies/deposits across multiple banks and building societies we can provide the comfort of a fully diversified portfolio.
  • Potential for improved interest rates – we can potentially gain improved rates thanks to our buying power and experience.
  • Reduced costs – being able to access a range of banks via one overall account can substantially reduce administration costs.

  • A fully bespoke service – our independence allows us to access over 40 financial institutions providing us with the ability to tailor client portfolios to their requirements.
  • Ease of administration – clients will only have to open one overall account (with us) rather than multiple accounts to access a wider range of bank rates.
  • The CLA is a hybrid cash management service delivering diversification, protection and liquidity but with the yield and consistency of a high interest cash investment.

Portfolio holders transfer monies directly into their personal and segregated Capital Liquidity Account, within a ring-fenced custody account.

For more information on the Capital Liquidity Account, please follows the links, click here, visit the downloads page or call the business development team on:
+44 (0) 1624 654230