Cash & Investment Management

For clients and advisers who want to access investment markets but would prefer professional involvement in the investment decisions

We offer discretionary investment management services in addition to managing equities and bonds, we also specialise in cash management. In line with the Group’s core values the treasury team focuses on delivering innovative products and services. These naturally have a focus on maximising returns but with a balance of asset security and counter-party risk

The Capital International Group employs one of the most experienced investment teams in the Isle of Man with 16 investment professionals feeding into the investment process. We have approximately £500 million of assets under discretionary management. Our cash & investment team is core to our business.

Central to our investment philosophy is a focus on absolute returns and the management of absolute portfolio risk. Relative performance comparisons are of secondary importance. Indeed, we believe the sole pursuit of relative performance can result in irrational decision making and lead to an investment strategy in danger of becoming a hostage to short-term movements of the benchmark.  

We believe that the use of a rigorous investment process is the key to successful and consistent investment performance over time. The investment process provides a structured investment framework in which decisions can be made. This is used to define our investment approach throughout the changing economic cycle to ensure that decisions are measured, consistent and appropriate to the circumstances. It also enables us to structure the management of risk as well as ensuring that the centres of expertise which exist within the Capital International Group are delivered across all portfolios.

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