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Welcome to Capital International Bank

We are finally opening the doors to Capital International Bank (CIB Limited) and your journey starts here. We'll have you up and running quickly with an onboarding process designed to be both smooth and efficient.


An exclusive CIB pioneer

CIB will be launched in three phases. Following the successful onboarding of our internal accounts, you have been selected as a pioneer client and will be among the first to be onboarded onto VELTA, our digital banking platform.

Initially, we won't onboard all of your accounts but will be in touch at a later date to transition these over to CIB.

At this stage, it's really important that the total balance across all of your accounts does not exceed £250,000 or currency equivalent.


With you every
step of the way

Your dedicated Client Engagement Lead (CEL) will work on your online application with you. In these unusual times, hopefully the training will be face to face but if that's not possible, we're ready to rollout a 90-minute online training session for your colleagues. The aim is to understand how the application process works through our VELTA platform, and for your colleagues to become familiar with its functionality once an account has been opened.

To contact a CEL please use the following details: 

India Dick - india.dick@capital-iom.com
Luke Adebiyi - l.adebiyi@capital-iom.com

At the point where the application is submitted to the new business team, you will get the opportunity to review the data, and it will be your responsibility to check that it is all correct and up to date, as CIB will not be liable for any errors or omissions.

What about my Capital Liquidity Account (CLA)?

Your existing CLA will remain open in the interim to allow for a smooth transition and to ensure that there is no client impact whilst updating any existing remitters with your new bank details.

Any payments from your CLA to the account with CIB will need to be remitted via the Bridge system.

There are a few conditions of this initial transition stage that you need to be aware of:

Maximum balance

  • The maximum cumulative balance across all currencies is £250,000 or currency equivalent. Please note, USD will not form part of our offering during this phase.
  • Any crediting payments should not take the cumulative balances across currencies in excess of £250,000.


  • For any crediting payments that will result in an excess over £250,000, the CLA should continue to be used and not the bank account with CIB.
  • We will not be able to facilitate bulk payments until we move into the full launch phase.

Fixed and notice deposits

  • We will not be able to facilitate fixed or notice deposits until we move into the full launch phase.

You will be unable to onboard any further new accounts into VELTA before CIB is fully launched, however, any accounts you wish to open may be possible within Capital Treasury Services. Any new cases will be eligible to move into CIB at a later stage.

Please see the Authority’s register, available at https://www.iomfsa.im/registers/licence-holders/cib-limited/ for conditions of operation.


Benefits of CIB

  • A 200 second pre-application section that will advise you if we are not able to provide you with an account, and, if we can, a guideline to account pricing.
  • Digital onboarding.
  • A dedicated CEL who will provide you with full training on the system, with our CEL support team on hand for any queries you have post training.
  • Ability to control your mandates online via our digital portal, VELTA.


We will be in touch with you shortly

We look forward to welcoming you as one of the first clients of Capital International Bank: a high-quality banking service that you and your clients can rely on. Your Client Engagement Lead will be in touch shortly to confirm your allocated date and time.

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