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Onboarding Guide

We pride ourselves on our smooth and efficient onboarding process. Find out exactly what you’ll need to get up and running with Capital.

What type of account are you applying for?


Please provide all the below documentation for the applicant company along with full documentation for any holding companies between the applicant and the ultimate beneficial owner(s).

For ultimate beneficial owners, directors and key officials, please refer to the individual section below for details.

Corporate Identification:

To complete the onboarding process for a corporate entity, you will need to provide correctly certified documentation including the below: 
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Register of Directors
  • Register of Shareholders
  • A copy of ONE of the following:
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
Please note: If your company has had any previous names, then we will require a Change of Name Certificate for each change.

Corporate Address Verification:

You will require a certified copy of one of the following (issued and certified within the last 6 months):
  • Bank statement from a regulated bank
  • Utility Bill
  • Letter from relevant Companies’ House to confirm registered address


Trust Identification:

To verify the existence and nature of the trust the following must be supplied:
  • Certified copy of the extracts of the Trust Deed
  • Deeds of appointment and/or retirement relating to the Trust (if applicable)
identity documents


We will need all individual KYC for those associated with the applicant company, holding companies and ultimate beneficial owners within the structure who hold 25% or over.

Individual Identification:

Acceptable identity documents include:
  • Current valid Passport
  • Current valid National Identity Card
  • Current valid full or provisional Driving Licence which shows nationality
Please note: All of the above need to be need to be certified within the last 6 months

Individual Address Verification:

Acceptable address documents include:
  • A recent statement from a regulated bank, building  society or credit card company
  • A recent rates, council or utility bill (please note that mobile phone bills are not acceptable)
  • A recent statement from a regulated lender
  • Current valid Driving Licence or National ID card
Please note: All of the above need to be need to be certified within the last 6 months and provide clear details of the actual address. One verification of address document is required for each individual.

Standard risk only: 

There is an option for standard risk individuals to provide:
  • An uncertified copy of an acceptable ID document together with 'selfie' holding same ID document.
  • An uncertified copy of an acceptable verification of address document (see above) together with 'selfie' holding same verification of address document.
selfie style verification

Certification FAQs

What are the certification requirements?

Any certification documents must be certified within 6 months and the documents must still be valid at the time of it being provided.

Who can certify my documents?

Your documents can be certified by any of the following:

• A company secretary who is a member of a recognised professional body

• An actuary who is a member of a recognised professional body

• A lawyer or notary public, who is a member of a recognised professional body

• A member of the judiciary, a senior civil servant, a serving police or customs officer

• A manager or senior manager from any of Capital International Bank regulated businesses

• A manager or other senior officer of a regulated entity

• An accountant who is a member of a recognised professional body

• An officer of an embassy, consulate or high commission of the country of issue.

What should the certification state?

The certification of the documents must state the following:

• State that this document is a true copy of the original document

• Confirm that the photo is a true likeness of the document owner

• The certifier must include: their name, position, email address, telephone number, employer name, employer address and employer website (if applicable).

• Sign and date the certification.

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